Well the last time I watched a motivational speech Eliud Kipchoge Kenyan renown athlete and the the Athlete Of The Year once said “No man is limited” If you are ready to prove this point do you think you agree with the fact that we can live in water….

Some of you might be wondering is My English is correct or Is it Clout well…If you thought I was joking then am not . Since the days of the Mayan Civilization some men lived under water and we come to find out a place know as Atlantis…..A good and positive conspiracy Theory If you don’t actually believe.According to a lot of Geological Surveys that have been done Scientists seem to have found evidence that you a city was lost some time back It is depicted to have Advanced Technology….But the question ❓ is where is it now……

According to all research that has come up to the mouths office I officially declare Dubai as Atlantis…..Are you surprised? Well don’t be because it is true …..Dubai through its exceptional reception of Technology and Innovation and through lots of it’s works as governed by Sheikh Mohammed the Ruler Of Dubai.Dubai has come up as the new Atlantis in Town …The High Buildings that are caved from that with the most advanced architects of all time Dubai has Buildings in Water…

So what’s the price living in water in Dubai .Well this can cost you only $3Million Dollars of your cash …So If you want to break some records and exist in some Atlantian World don’t mind just take your flight from your specific destinations with some of the best Agencies in the World like Bonfire Adventures …who will costly accommodate you with a cheaper price in Atlantis……

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