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Whether we like it or not the saying that walls have ears may be true or very true . Well those in their graves have their dreams never shared or secrets in their graves .Is that true . Well If you are a Believer and you see the spec in my eyes ; there is a land of mirrors where all your sins are shown to you on the judgement day .

The Chills that come with this story are huge .Opening the bottle is both a curse and a small blessing .If you have a heart you get to know the fire that comes with Unguarding your heart . You may find Love or you may end up regretting that.

Imagine holding a secret and it can open your doors and the other way pull you from the doors . The vulve should we open that or yes .


What We See

Well familiar with what Zuchu the famous singer from Zanzibar Tanzania sings everyone is trying to po the bottle in one way or the other . Some start early and as Chemistry says thats Pressure to tge Apparatus Life . Well the Right Question is whats our way out Sponsors , Content Creation , Only Fans ,Politics . Thou the early bird cathes the worm the fruit of Patience Can be oir way to Canaan .

Believe it or not there is always a path out of Napambana a place unlike Eldorado where Natural Selection Is Natural As Possible . That joke right .Well according to Me the only way out is to be ourselves and patient but due to the early Chemistry that we know that is impossible .

Well some like Andrew Tate suggest that leaving the cycle cult that we are in can lead us to heaven and by heaven I mean “Kick Poverty Out Of Our Lives ” and from the street movies we watch the Happy Ending comes after being humble so as to live in a castle .

U might want to know how am also thinking and my mind is just like yours just trying to find the right cloud from all this . Well Best Advice Is Stay Happy and Contented coz thats the right map to our treasure . @homeworldstudios