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Well the last time I watched a motivational speech Eliud Kipchoge Kenyan renown athlete and the the Athlete Of The Year once said “No man is limited” If you are ready to prove this point do you think you agree with the fact that we can live in water….

Some of you might be wondering is My English is correct or Is it Clout well…If you thought I was joking then am not . Since the days of the Mayan Civilization some men lived under water and we come to find out a place know as Atlantis…..A good and positive conspiracy Theory If you don’t actually believe.According to a lot of Geological Surveys that have been done Scientists seem to have found evidence that you a city was lost some time back It is depicted to have Advanced Technology….But the question ❓ is where is it now……

According to all research that has come up to the mouths office I officially declare Dubai as Atlantis…..Are you surprised? Well don’t be because it is true …..Dubai through its exceptional reception of Technology and Innovation and through lots of it’s works as governed by Sheikh Mohammed the Ruler Of Dubai.Dubai has come up as the new Atlantis in Town …The High Buildings that are caved from that with the most advanced architects of all time Dubai has Buildings in Water…

So what’s the price living in water in Dubai .Well this can cost you only $3Million Dollars of your cash …So If you want to break some records and exist in some Atlantian World don’t mind just take your flight from your specific destinations with some of the best Agencies in the World like Bonfire Adventures …who will costly accommodate you with a cheaper price in Atlantis……

What If

With this I may mean a lot to you. Everytime we end up in something wrong or good we have the what if … Here are the top 10 what ifs you can meet…

(1.)What if I Was Born In Royalty………📰. Well this comes to those of my mates who think they were born in the wrong family or the world messed them with Poverty and they see how flashy Royal people are flanked with luck hence they want some of that be it Fame ,Money,Power…..

(2.)What If I She Or He Is The One…… One thing about reaching 30 is you realize that time to play is up and you need a family or someone…..your spouse..Well that really tells that we humans are immortal mortal you tell me

(3.)What If The World 🌎 ends Today……… If you think of an apocalypse happening one day you are not alone guess what …..every one in the planet thinks of what next after Death and probably ….If religion ☯️ is your parcel you might not know if you sinned or you are pure

(4.)What If I had Superpowers…………. I am 100% sure that everyone on the planet except no one has a dream or some power that they would like….Being Invincible,Strong ,Fast ,Rich…..Mmmh ….may be to stop those that are bullying you or just to be a god and not letting anything control you or even say no to you…A World without limits…Anyway that reminds me of Spiderman’s great quote”With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

(5.)What If I am Bisexual……,. Anyway this is not me talking but just incase I think many people have different sex orientation….hence the case of bisexuality..Either you are emotional,Your clit is so much impatient or you have some same sex attraction syndrome… Have you ever thought of that before

(6.)What If She/He Likes Me……………………………….Head On collisions are very common when we first look at someone and you have a crush …Well this question really takes the stage at this time…What If …

(7.)What If Ghosts Exist………………………………..The times I get to have my own quiet time or when we are alone and some paranormal idea tells you that you are not alone and maybe ghosts exist …The world at large has so much proof of such…What If It was True…..

(8.)What If I Win The Bet……………… I often get to watch and hear many lottery win adverts has yours ever happened …. because we many a time think of just winning some free collar luck…..What do you think .

(9.)What If My Parents Find Out…. This usually accompanied most of us at high school or first year student-ships If you threw that condom in the dust bin or If the toilet is blocked and you remember your condom character…well especially if you live in your parents basement.

(10.)What If It Happens Tonight…. If you think Virginity is a stage then am with you totally when virgin and you have the opposite next to you and the spark is ignited and it’s a must go what do you think…. especially if she or he was your crush……Oops

Did you find your What If …If you get one holla back …fam


There’s a sickle of moon above a lush forest floor where scavengers pluck flesh from the bones of a wolf. In my mind the wolf hides inside me waiting patiently the impulsive lamb. Dark heart I hear you howling for possession stars plummeting through our veins. A frenzy of birdsong can not conceal the longing […]


Dune (2021)

When you pair the mercurial French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve with an all-star cast (featuring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, and Josh Brolin), you can expect fireworks. You can also expect a film worth a rating of at least a 7.5 out of 10; he is one of only a few filmmakers […]

Dune (2021)