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Haaland The Viking

Erling Haaland Score a Hatrick at Etihad Stadium

Well this Norwegian beast does it again he proves that Messi and Ronaldo are not the last ones to write History.Well Haaland joining Manchester City in 2022 has proved well to the eyes of the City fans and Pep Guardiola the Beast Of Managers.If you don’t believe that he is a machine wait for the Champions League Finals Against Bayern Munich .

Haaland has proved tge critics wrong by braking records such as scoring 5 goals in the Champions League Aggregate same as what Messi did while at the Catalan giants Barcelona.


What We See

Well familiar with what Zuchu the famous singer from Zanzibar Tanzania sings everyone is trying to po the bottle in one way or the other . Some start early and as Chemistry says thats Pressure to tge Apparatus Life . Well the Right Question is whats our way out Sponsors , Content Creation , Only Fans ,Politics . Thou the early bird cathes the worm the fruit of Patience Can be oir way to Canaan .

Believe it or not there is always a path out of Napambana a place unlike Eldorado where Natural Selection Is Natural As Possible . That joke right .Well according to Me the only way out is to be ourselves and patient but due to the early Chemistry that we know that is impossible .

Well some like Andrew Tate suggest that leaving the cycle cult that we are in can lead us to heaven and by heaven I mean “Kick Poverty Out Of Our Lives ” and from the street movies we watch the Happy Ending comes after being humble so as to live in a castle .

U might want to know how am also thinking and my mind is just like yours just trying to find the right cloud from all this . Well Best Advice Is Stay Happy and Contented coz thats the right map to our treasure . @homeworldstudios